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Project Management.

Koplar Group will manage each project from start to finish, ensuring we build relationships with clients and ensure the full scope of the project is detailed. With a client-focused approach, our Project Management services are based around strategic objectives.


Our Aims.

Our team aim to provide trust and integrity throughout our project management service, with years of experience and vast technical expertise of development processes. We can deliver on enhanced designs, the full cost and timescale of each project, while managing risks all the way through to completion.

Koplar Group Project Management Services.

Construction project management involves directing and organising each part of the project life cycle, from design to completion. It’s a holistic practice with the goal of delivering projects on time and under budget.

Determining whether to pursue a project is the first and most important part of the construction process. Feasibility studies, capital budgeting, pro-con lists, and extensive input from stakeholders are staples of this stage.

The design phase involves developing everything from the basic concept of the project to detailed blueprints that show the final design.

It’s about building a game plan for the project that shows everyone what they need to do, when they need to do it, how they should accomplish it, and what it should cost. Risk assessment and contingency planning are also a major part of preconstruction.

Procurement Procurement encompasses sourcing, purchasing, and transporting the materials, equipment and services you need to complete a project. Our procurement managers provide input in the planning stages to keep unexpected cost overruns to a minimum during this stage.

Construction All our preparation and planning pays off in this stage, helping the construction process move along smoothly and finish successfully. Even the most thorough plans can’t anticipate every hiccup along the way, so regular monitoring and evaluation of progress during this phase is vital for staying on course.

Construction project management services

When money is on the line in a project, avoiding costly mistakes becomes priority number one. Bound by strict time parameters and financial constraints, Koplar accounts for every detail and contingency. 

From planning and design, to resource management, budget allocation, and more, our project management team helps keep the entire construction process efficient, productive and on track.

Why You Need


In order for Koplar to produce efficient projects, we have heavily invested in project management software systems. Our software system organises the planning, scheduling, building, resources and reporting associated with construction projects. It streamlines the process and improves productivity, all while keeping to a tight schedule and budget.

Our software is designed to help managers control every phase of their projects by organising its different parts and automating routines to add efficiencies.  Because of the many documents related to any construction project, file storage and management of those files is also one of the key features of project management software system.

Our clients have access to the system 24 hours a day on any device. Clients can now access documents, images, videos, updates, KPI’s, reports, invoices and much more, anytime, anywhere.

Project management service


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