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Fully Qualified Team. Our team are fully qualified and experienced within the development and construction industry. We take pride in the quality of our work and the professional service we offer to our customers and clients.


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Koplar Group Ltd

Our Team

At Koplar Group, we are a construction and development company specialising in Demolition, Roofing, Joinery, Plumbing, Electrical, Windows and Doors, Brickwork, Plastering, plus much more. We aim to deliver projects of high quality, value and build trust with our customers.

We have a highly talented and experienced team who turn complex issues into clarity during projects and take the hassle out of the process.  The team operate with a hands-on approach while following exceptional health and safety requirements to deliver a tangible and long-lasting impact for our clients. 

Our Services.

We provide our services to a varied range of clients, from residential builds of new homes or apartments to retail, hospitality and construction projects within the local authority sector. 


At Koplar Group, we use the most creative and innovative ways to deliver outstanding construction projects while collaborating with our clients and customers. With our resources and skilled workforce aim to deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Residential Development

We offer a residential development service, which is efficient and provides uncompromised safety solutions. No job is too big or small, as we personally manage each project to ensure they are completed with execution and quality as well as minimal disruption to you. 

Commercial Development

We specialise in the construction and remodelling of a range of commercial premises; we have the skills and resources to handle all aspects of construction. We are dedicated to providing a flexible and bespoke approach to reflect the needs of our clients. 

General Building Work

We offer flexible working hours when it is most convenient to work on your project, meaning we adhere to your requirements throughout the project. Whether you are planning external or internal upgrades, we can provide you with skills to rely on.

Why Choose Us?


Construction Experience

Koplar have team members that have served a lifetime in all aspects of construction bringing their valuable experience to the table.

Cost Effective

We can work within your building budget using cost-effective strategies to ensure you get only the best.

Regulation Compliant

At Koplar, whenever we undertake any project, we make sure it is done in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Health And Safety Conscious

The Koplar team is dedicated to planning and executing all projects in a manner that is safe to the health, and welfare of our clients, the public, and the environment.

Properly Trained Team

The entire team at Koplar is highly qualified and completely trained; the goal is to only deliver excellent workmanship.

Consistent Quality

Making sure every job is completed to the highest standard is something Koplar is about, regardless of the size or complexity of the project.


We are a team of hardworking tradesmen who strive to deliver building services our clients will be happy with.

Guaranteed Work

Every job we undertake is fully guaranteed by our insurance company. In addition, all our installations come with a 12-month warranty.

Environmentally Responsible

97% of our construction waste is recycled and reused.

Trustworthy And Reliable

We stick to the project timeframe using project scheduling, milestone tracking, and analysis. We also choose our tradesmen carefully, vetting them before they are made a member of our team.

Open And Honest Communication

We have a transparent way of working which in return gains the trust of our clients.

One Stop Shop

We offer our clients everything they need for their development project from start to finish.

Project Management

Your development project will have a dedicated project manager who will work closely with you at all times.

Koplar Group Ltd
How we care for the environment


How we Care for the Environment?

We care for the environment. 97% of our construction waste is recycled.



Our residential warranty covers the cost of correcting defects that may occur in any crucial structural elements, from the walls and foundations to the windows and roofing. In the event of a structural issue our residential warranty can prevent financial stress by fully covering the costs involved in its correction. We can cover everything from your rebuilding works, design alteration fees, to the removal, storage and re-installation of contents and alternative accommodation while the works are carried out.

10 year structural warranty